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Filmmaker, drone pilot & crane operator. These three disciplines all rose from the foundation of my ultimate passion: film. Even though I'm barely old enough to legally drive, my RED and I have already seen great parts of the world and many great festival stages. Wherever I go, that's where my camera is as well.

Juup van Lokven


It started with a huge interest in creating unique footage, different from all the rest. After buying my first Drone kit in 2014, when I was only 12 years old, everything immediately fell into place. As they say, the sky is the limit. I decided to build my own crane, completing the tool set to capture footage unlike anything else. That's why I dedicate myself in creating unique video productions that truly capture the magic of the moment, whatever the subject.


I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do all these incredible things at such a young age. Some festivals that I thought I could only dream about shooting, are actually happening already. It's crazy when you think about it, doing something you love and getting to see different parts of the world, such as Australia, Morocco, Canary Islands and Dubai. What's next?

Every time I walk up onto a stage, I feel an adrenaline kick rushing through my body. It's what makes me happy and gives me a huge energy boost. But besides that it also motivates me to keep on going, always! I feel a connection with the music, artists and crowd, as if I'm part of the experience. That same connection is transferred onto my work, resulting in unique projects every time.

As one of the youngest one in the scene, I want to thank everyone for their trust in me so far. The support I have been getting from day 1 is unreal and I am eternally grateful to all my colleagues, who don't feel like colleagues, for the opportunities to make the unthinkable my reality.


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